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US-2007175414-A1: Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine patent, US-2007189311-A1: Symmetric network address translation system using stun technique and method for implementing the same patent, US-2007200241-A1: Dual damascene process without an etch stop layer patent, US-2007201137-A1: Solid-state image sensing device including anti-reflection structure including polysilicon and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007269050-A1: Speaker positioning apparatus for human ear alignment patent, US-2008040760-A1: Apparatus and method for displaying file download information in digital video broadcasting terminal patent, US-2008042164-A1: Power semiconductor component patent, US-2008063412-A1: Optical transmitter to suppress abrupt increase of driving current for laser diode during unstable APC loop and a method to control the same patent, US-2008218591-A1: Event detection based on video metadata patent, US-2008225166-A1: Audio-video apparatus patent, US-2008227682-A1: Acidic Hard Surface Cleaning Compositions patent, US-2008257299-A1: Engine output takeout device patent, US-2008265810-A1: DC motor structure for hoist machine patent, US-2009003900-A1: Fixing device, carrying device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009025980-A1: Modular coiled tubing and sectional pipe drilling rig patent, US-2009046209-A1: Multi-video/audio purpose portable electronic device patent, US-2009048626-A1: Dressing and an epidermal positioning mechanism and method for using same patent, US-2009117747-A1: Method for Surface Treating Semiconductor patent, US-2009128958-A1: Master carrier for magnetic transfer and magnetic recording medium manufactured using the same patent, US-2009170893-A1: Novel hydrate form patent, US-2009198148-A1: Methods and techniques to measure, map and correlate ocular micro-movement and ocular micro-tremor (omt) signals with cognitive processing capabilities patent, US-2009201092-A1: Communication system and oscillation signal provision method patent, US-2009247926-A1: Method and device for detecting air in a fluid system, in particular in an extracorporeal blood circuit of a blood treatment device patent, US-2009249692-A1: Reaction Device patent, US-2009269964-A1: Electrical card connector with at least a card locking mechanism patent, US-2009270842-A1: Handle for a Medical Instrument patent, US-2009277926-A1: Foil container with foil bags arranged next to one another patent, US-2009297042-A1: Characterizing Vision Systems patent, US-2009325462-A1: Toy grilling apparatus patent, US-2010001632-A1: Polymer composition and polymer light emitting device patent, US-2010032282-A1: Photoelectrochemical determination of chemical oxygen demand patent, US-2010056138-A1: Method for transmitting multimedia message to roamed multimedia message receiver and system thereof patent, US-2010130628-A1: Aromatic polyimide and process for production thereof patent, US-2004002293-A1: Apparatus and method for target polishing intraocular lenses patent, US-2004016093-A1: Package of strand and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2004049716-A1: Parsing test results having diverse formats patent, US-2004106540-A1: Method of treating cancer patent, US-2004115665-A1: Method for base sequencing and biologically active nucleic acids patent, US-2004128771-A1: Low density pocketed spring assembly and method of manufacture patent, US-2004164676-A1: Display apparatus and a desiccant for the same patent, US-2004170271-A1: Echo canceller ensuring further reduction in residual echo patent, US-2004172173-A1: Mounting angle detection device patent, US-2004240411-A1: Wireless information transmitting system, radio communication method, radio station, and radio terminal device patent, US-2004243865-A1: Operation mode scheduling patent, US-2005119095-A1: Self-exercise device for limited mobility patients and method of exercise patent, US-2005195595-A1: Flashlight with wave spring electrical connection patent, US-2005213055-A1: Optical member, illuminating device, and projection type video display patent, US-2005279138-A1: Method and device for heat treatment patent, US-2006023818-A1: Image enhancement apparatus and method in wireless system patent, US-2006025676-A1: Navigation of remotely actuable medical device using control variable and length patent, US-2006116982-A1: Real-time chat and conference contact information manager patent, US-2006152014-A1: Method and apparatus for wind turbine air gap control patent, US-2006254697-A1: Coupling structure, coupling process and coupling apparatus of laminate film patent, FR-2611891-A1: Endoscope industriel servant a determiner la taille de zones endommagees d'objets patent, US-2006255219-A1: [hair drier support rack] patent, US-2006267710-A1: Bulk acoustic wave resonator, bulk acoustic wave filter, RF module including bulk acoustic wave resonator and/or filter, and bulk acoustic wave oscillator patent, US-2007185816-A1: Search engine for facilitating the sale, transfer, and/or assignment of intellectual property patent, US-2007195216-A1: Liquid crystal display panel patent, US-2007243859-A1: Method and Apparatus for Efficiently Transferring Data within a Telecommunications Network patent, US-2007249431-A1: Scented golf club head patent, US-2008004828-A1: Method, system and apparatus for operating a device using contextual scripting patent, US-2008084164-A1: Dielectric Barrier discharge lamp, backlight device, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2008088422-A1: Onboard wirless communication system patent, US-2008094079-A1: Gas concentration detection apparatus having function for detecting sensor element activation status patent, US-2008101175-A1: Power saving method and system applied in optical disk drive patent, US-2008116595-A1: Plastic Optical Fiber Preform and Method for Manufacturing The Same patent, US-2008137950-A1: System and method for analyzing of human motion based on silhouettes of real time video stream patent, US-2008183161-A1: Method and apparatus for aesthetic skin treatments patent, US-2008219268-A1: Software control plane for switches and routers patent, US-2008235012-A1: System and method of identifying contact information patent, US-2008236086-A1: Cavity Wall patent, US-2009036567-A1: Process for producing modified diene polymer rubber patent, US-2009075675-A1: Method of location based service and location based service system patent, US-2009137090-A1: Method for fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2009142491-A1: Method of Film Deposition and Film Deposition System patent, US-2009142511-A1: Process and apparatus for atmospheric pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition coating of a substrate patent, US-2009168296-A1: Through-type multilayer capacitor array patent, US-2009230652-A1: Seat Supporting Assembly and Wheelchair Including Same patent, US-2009235293-A1: Disk device patent, US-2009275863-A1: Surgical treatment apparatus patent, US-2009306930-A1: Method and system for measuring a component patent, US-2010022810-A1: Process for Producing Propylene and Aromatic Hydrocarbons, and Producing Apparatus Therefor patent, US-2010056227-A1: Noise suppressing device, mobile phone, noise suppressing method, and recording medium patent, US-2010118325-A1: Control board of image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus and image forming method patent, US-2003234065-A1: Pneumatic tire for use on iced and snowed road surfaces patent, US-2004027225-A1: Micro electromechanical differential actuator patent, US-2004047369-A1: Method and apparatus for using and combining sub-frame processing and adaptive jitter-buffers for improved voice quality in voice -over-packet networks patent, US-2004057583-A1: Dynamic impedance comparator patent, US-2004075604-A1: Vehicle-mounted millimeter wave radar device, millimeter wave radar module, and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2004194075-A1: Dynamic distributed make patent, US-2004203133-A1: Helper dependent adenoviral vector system and methods for using the same patent, US-2004234928-A1: Base material for prosthesis patent, US-2005025046-A1: Resiliency of control channels in a communications network patent, US-2005091361-A1: Method of creating a virtual network topology for use in a graphical user interface patent, US-2005138611-A1: Compiler optimization patent, US-2005145472-A1: Vibrating pedestrian push button station patent, US-2005167212-A1: Motor vehicle brake system comprising a parking brake function and electromechanical wheel brake for such a motor vehicle brake system patent, US-2005195170-A1: Information entry system patent, US-2005204812-A1: Method and apparatus for improving accuracy in ultrasonic echo ranging systems patent, US-2005234048-A1: Glutamate receptor antagonists patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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